T|M onday


   February 2020 I started with 3
Regional exhibitions
3 months later Milano (at the time of fashionweek )    

2020-2023 International artists

National permanent exhibition

2023 Large wall project 3x6 meters with special school

I work on self-made canvases
On different fabrics
15x20 cm to 300 x 500 cm
With acrylic oil paints spray cans
chalk, charcoal and even mixed color settings
I also work other textures on canvas :leather ,corduroy etc.
Stickers book pages , gold leaf and exotic 
Or a series with real flowers already existed
I also brew sculptures and also sculpture lamps

Now I go into fashion art
And go into a completely new and still quite unknown

I design outfits on canvas
And promise myself
Open doors in the fashion 

01-05 Association with foundation
Brilon mittendrin / Culture and art
05-x Art duzend VHS
10-2021 Gallery opened
T|M Gallery
2022 Regional exhibitions
City Hall
Self organized exhibitions
Festival with live painting program

Promoted and dream
2023 awards by FOBIKUS

Children's book illustration
2024 my first children's book will be published
Written with my eldest son

 Timonday / T|M Gallery

Tim Guse 
Papestra├če 28
DE- 59929 Brilon
Tel.: 0170 65 23 23 7

do you have questions
 about buying pictures :                               [email protected]

Requests for collaborations,
exhibitions,wand projects,
 interviews, production  etc. :                     [email protected]


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